Specialists in Tradeshow Services


NLT Services Offered

• Warehouse to Show Hall or Advanced Receiving Location

• Show Hall to Show Hall or Show Hall to Warehouse

• Pad-wrapping, Inside pick-up & delivery, debris removal

• Certified professional drivers dedicated to tradeshow services

• Drivers thoroughly trained & experienced with show hall procedures

• Drivers thoroughly familiar with drayage procedures

• Driver check in prior to scheduled delivery time

• Driver meeting contact person at booth prior to booth tear down

• 24 hours / 7 days a week driver accessibility via cell phones

• Some of the best maintained trailers on the road, including:

Air-ride 53 foot trailers

Lift-gates, Logistics posts

High quality equipment

• Trained staff in Dallas office dedicated to servicing tradeshow customers

• Knowledge in major show hall procedures and intricacies

• Up-to-the-moment computerized tracking of shipments


NLT Commitment to our Customers

• Professional courteous service

• Best possible pricing for services rendered

• Reliable & timely delivery of customer product

• Safe & careful handling of customer product

• Accessibility to NLT staff & drivers


Electronics & High Value Products

NLT/NLT personnel are experts in delivery and installation
of sensitive electronic equipment and other high value products. With
NLT you have a very large distribution network to get
products into user sites immediately.
You want a company who covers the map. One that is committed to knowing
the ins and outs of electronic/high value product shipping, tracking and
placement. NLT is that company.


Home Delivery

NLT is a leading supply chain management
company that specializes in the home delivery of large consumer
products-furniture, electronics, fitness equipment, appliances and other
items that require specialized handling or time-sensitive delivery.

We not only understand the trend toward disintermediation, we can help
restructure your distribution process to capitalize on it. With our
nationwide network of distribution centers and the industry's best
technology, we can provide you with smart solutions for your shipping,
warehousing and home delivery needs. That means no more worrying about
worker compensation, fuel prices, fleet management and the many consumer
service issues that can accompany the management of your own home
delivery solution. Now, you can leave all those problems to the experts.



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